Post infos/streams/whatever in the shoutbox

>Chat Rules?
A:CP & Mass-Spamm is forbidden!
Feel free to post everything else...

>Im Banned nao fr4m Chat m9,cummon 1v1 on Rust?!!^1
A: All Chat-bans are cleared after 24h... )

>RT RAW Commie Stream? what is that?
A:RT dosen't show this stream
(they hide it for public),but with some tricks
it's now available for you.
It records everything behind the Camera
(AP Direct HD). Oy vey shut it down.

>Can i Donate to you?
A: nah i'm not Mr.Goldberg

>Why is this Website so slow you faggit?
A:Well i'm using an Freehoster.

>Best Streams?
A: Look at Cathegory "Top Tier" at the Left